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Some kippo results September 28, 2010

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On the 23th of July I started with the SSH honeypot kippo. So after a good two months I decided to collect all the urls/locations those “1337 h4x0rs” are wgetting all their files from. (rootkits/ircbots/scanners)
I came up with the following list:

Now, I am not saying that these sites are “evil”. Chances are most likely that they are compromised themselves. So, just simply putting them on a blacklist isn’t a good idea.

Some of these links contain open directories, including all sorts of files, while other sites simply may have disappeared into thin air. It’s purely a list I extracted from the database my kippo is writing it’s results to.
As kippo also stores the obtained files, I have a copy of every single one of them for further analysis.
Use this information and/or containing files at you own risk.

Kippo also keeps track of every typed command in every “session”

One particular session I found too funny not sharing it:

Thanks to Justin Elze, for helping me out with the video.



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