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Videos withdrawn June 24, 2010

Posted by lvdeijk in Uncategorized.

It seems that there are people out there on the Internet who actually read my blog postings and watch my video’s. That’s nice 🙂


It also seems a large part of the audience is misinterpreting the contents of the videos. Come to think of it, that might be explained because the vids were intended as mostly self-explanatory and aren’t placed in their correct context. I failed big-time there.
That shook me a bit, so i blocked access to them temporary to figure out a way to put them in the right perspective. In every way it is NOT my intention to “train” wannabe hackers. Neither is it my intention to stimulate people in criminal activities. The vids might be seen as manuals to abuse systems, but the actual content can’t be used in that way. Trouble is, people still think it can.
I’ll reopen access when I’ve figured out a good way and add more content when I’m satisfied with a method.

Hints and tips would be welcome though.



1. Andrew Waite - June 24, 2010

Seems like I’ve missed the backstory mate 😦

Unfortunately some people fail to grasp the concept that you/we can’t defend against attacks/techniques/threats without fully understanding them. The BadGuys(tm) are already better at share information that the defensive side of the infosec community, misunderstandings like this from those out of the loop don’t help the cause.

Chin-up boss.

lvdeijk - June 24, 2010

Thanks mate ! I hate to be placed in a position where i am forced to defend myself this way. But considering all the facts, i have to clarify some issues. I will put them back on my blog soon but with more explanatory text so people wont get the wrong idea.

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