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Dissectingthehack June 24, 2010

Posted by lvdeijk in Uncategorized.

Apart from this little webblog of mine I’m also involved in a cool project ran by Jayson Street called Dissectingthehack.

Dissectingthehack is exactly what it says it is. It is a community of people who study vulnerabilities and the techniques people use to exploit them. This to get a better understanding on how to secure systems on Internet. We talk about it, share our views and often joke about it. Don’t let the word “hack” make you think we are criminals! The founder, Jayson Street, is a well-respected security specialist who, among others, consults the FBI on cybercrime issues and author of the book “Dissecting the Hack, The Forbidden Network”.

So, why do I contribute on www.dissectingthehack.com ? Well, I am a strong believer in sharing knowledge. It is my opinion that sharing your experience/knowledge works both ways. When you share, people are willing to share back, so to speak. Sharing my knowledge brings me in a position where i can learn as well.
Everybody wins.
Everybody profits.

Like minded people stimulate each other. Its not a bragging contest where everyone’s ego is blocking the will to learn from others.



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